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Hospital Medical Equipment Inventions of the 1960's

There have been many great advances in hospital medical equipment over the last century, but most of us take them for granted. The scientific community has graced us with some revolutionary pieces of hospital medical equipment that have saved many read more...

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How drug companies keep insulin prices high

New research examines why people with diabetes who depend on injections of lifesaving insulin still have no cheaper generic options to treat their disease.

"Surprisingly, this issue has not been talked about, so we're asking the question: W read more...

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Medicine :: Meeting the Burgeoning Demand for Pre-Owned Medical Equipment


Call it refurbished, used, reconditioned, second-hand or pre-owned, the demand for this type of medical equipment - including infusion pumps, ambulatory pumps, syringe pumps, def read more...

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Medical Equipment Suppliers in the US

Medical equipment ranges from centrifuges, blood gas analyzers, chemistry analyzers, immunology analyzers, hematology analyzers, urinalysis analyzers, and chemistry analyzers to microplate readers and many other devices. In view of the requirement read more...

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Medical Equipment From Walter Reed Hospital Heads to Latin America and the Caribbean

"Welcome to the Home of Warrior Care," reads a sign as you walk into the now empty structure of what used to be Washington D.C.'s Walter Reed Army Medical Center, a place where ailing government officials, Army brass, retired officers and thousand read more...

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George Medical Equipment | Remedial Equipment [blogsShortname]

Find medical equipment suppliers and sales and hire of remedial medical equipment and remedial aids in George


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BD in South Africa - Medical Supplies, Devices and Technology; Laboratory Products (Becton, Dickinson and Company)

Introducing the BD